Friday, June 3, 2011

Hike in the Woods

 Hiking in the woods is always fun! After the girls got out of school one day we decided the weather was perfect and a hike sounded like fun- so off we headed to go on a hike! Not before Sarah and Chayah had time to each pack a backpack full of "supplies" that we might need though. Sarah's included five water bottles (one for each of us).. thanks Sarah! You really didn't need to carry around all that extra weight though.. we were never very far away from the van ;)  Chayah's included her baby doll (I guess she wanted to go for a hike too?)  and lots of snacks. Good to know that while we are hiking, we can snack on fruit snacks (as the girls thought was quite fun to do ;) We had a very fun time though, just walking and enjoying it! I love that the girls got so prepared for the hike and thought of everyone when they did so.. so sweet and adorable! 
Sorry about the picture quality.. taking pictures while walking a dog proved to be a bit hard and resulted in some blurry pictures :)

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