Friday, February 24, 2012

Much Needed Update

It has been way too long since I have posted! Way too long since I've updated about the two most amazing little girls in the entire world, my Sarah and Chayah. Seriously, it has been months since I have posted and even then, no real update, just the occasional picture or two. I'm going to attempt to change that right now... we'll see how it goes..
I have been away from home for the past few months (since July actually, but have been home again for several months since then)... I am missing my girls terribly and miss being able to see them everyday. I miss "talking" to Sarah when she's watching tv or playing on the computer and getting half responses that possibly will or will not make any sense because she's actually not paying very much attention to you (no worries though, Sarah, you are perfect just the way you are and I love and miss your not paying attention to me ways) and I miss Chayah's ramen noodle cravings, love of "Chestnut" (a movie about little girls and their dog), and coming into my room and waking me up way before I want to actually wake up (you are also perfect just the way you are, Chay!)... I miss my girls and wish I could be with them everyday! Living away from home right now, I'm constantly seeing things that remind me of my girls and things that I automatically think "oh Sarah and Chayah would LOVE that!!" or "I want to go there with Sarah and Chayah!"... it's so hard to be away from them! I'm about 16 hours away from them right now, so it's not the easiest trip to make all the time :(   I am living with Chrissy (older sister) and her husband right now and am so incredibly blessed to be doing so! We have lots of fun times and I'm so glad I can be here to help however I can and at the same time keep working towards graduation (which technically would have been this spring... except I've suddenly decided that I don't quite want to be done yet and that I wanted more free time now, so the switch to being part-time this semester was made and graduation will likely be this winter. as of now, I think)... And quite possibly the most exciting part of being here? The very much anticipated and awaited impending arrival of a certain new little niece of mine. Yep. I'm gonna be an AUNT!!! Also. Sarah and Chayah are going to be aunts! How awesome?!?! So so excited!! Baby Charlotte should be here {literally} any day now. So be checking back for baby updates as well. I'm a proud big sister and now a proud auntie as well... gotta have lots and lots of pictures of the little girls in my life :)
Sarah and Chayah are doing great, from talking to them on the phone just this evening I heard the most important updates... such as Chayah made a snowman that she says will last "forever and ever, until you come home, and until the end of the world"... well, I kinda hope I get home again before "forever and ever" or the end of the world, but I do wish I could see your snowman, Chay! And such as that Sarah now has four webkinz... only the best toys with the most fun computer games ever, as Sarah has educated me on. They are so grown up... second grade! I remember being in second grade! And I don't feel like I felt that much different then as how I feel now. My girls are growing up! I'm so proud of them and miss them like crazy! As far as "official" updates go, Sarah was the most amazing little trooper and had her second cleft surgery in December! She was so brave and did great. I was thrilled to be able to be home for the whole month of December, first for the girls' school Christmas program, then Sarah's surgery, and then Christmas with the whole family... it was a wonderful time! And just in the past week, Chayah has gotten glasses! We found out that she had been having trouble being able to read the board at school.. her glasses are beyond adorable and I have loved getting some pictures of her in them sent to me by my parents (thank you mom and dad!!). Now it's time for pictures....
My grown up shopping girls looking so trendy at the mall!
Chayah in her new glasses! Soooo gorgeous, LOVE these glasses- super cute!!
Lots of snow! What I don't understand is, how can this be the weather they are having at the same time that I'm wearing a sundress and sandals and having perfect warm weather?! So crazy! I definitely don't miss the snow, but I miss those girls!! 
December: After Sarah's surgery, still at the hospital... being wheeled around while recovering by a great helper (Chayah)

Christmas 2011: Princesses Belle and Aurora with their new puppies Cookie and Go Go :)