Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Looking Back: Sarah in China

Some of my favorite pictures in the world are some that are included in this post. Before Sarah came home, we devoured these pictures (the ones that we had.. some we didn't get until after she was home). We had waited for so long.. then suddenly, we had our own Sarah Lu waiting in China! We were all pretty enthralled with her through her pictures (and became even more so once she came home!).
There are so many great pictures from years before now.. so many stories and memories that I want to share and to put up here to remember. So I've decided that I will sometimes due a "looking back" post, like this one. They will be just that.. looking back on something older, but, in my opinion, they will always be great and will most likely involve lots of pictures which, again in my opinion, makes for a pretty fun post :) 
Sarah's referral pictures

When Sarah was just a little baby.. from a girl we met through the blog who had visited the orphanage and fall in love with Sarah :)

We met a church group from the states who had spent some time at Sarah's orphanage. They sent us their pictures with our little "chunk a monk" baby :)

Before she came home, she was fostered by an American family who runs a foster home.. it was such a blessing that she was able to be with them and a real miracle!

At the orphanage.. oh my goodness, can you even stand how cute she is?! She's such a baby!!

At Christmas! (one of my fave pictures of all time.. for a very good reason.. sooo cute!!)

Shaved head! These pictures were a bit of a shock to us before she came home.. all of her hair completely shaved off... but we do know one thing from these pictures, this girl doesn't need hair to help her looks.. she is stunning even without any hair! :)

Our little cutie.. this was taken just around her second birthday. I can hardly believe it will be her seventh birthday in just a few days!! Oh my goodness, where has time gone?!

Cute. cute. cute. cute. cute. There are not too many other words that could accurately describe this picture :)

Love my little bald girl!

Sweetest picture ever? quite possibly! :)

Most stunning picture ever? probably so! :) I am always in awe of this picture whenever I see it.. have been since the first time I saw it!

Love this one. And why yes, I do agree with the shirt :)  My Sary lu lu, you are quite worth spoiling! (in a good way.. and with lots and lots of love!)

So so so sweet! (Sarah is in the middle)

My teletubbies girl! She adored teletubbies when she was little.. after she came home, they were still her favorite and she adored watching them! (and yes, at 14 I was thrilled to get to watch La La, Dipsy, Po, and Tinky Winky in their happy little world on tv with the sweetest two year old sister ever :).. those were some amazing times!)
These pictures are some of my favorites in the world, not only because of how adorable they are (and why yes, they are quite possibly some of the absolute cutest pictures on the planet, I know :)), but also because of how much we severely adored and stared at these pictures before Sarah came home. We had wanted Sarah for so many years. Finally, we had her referral. We just were waiting for the paperwork to go through. We had little picture albums filled with these pictures that we took around with us and would show to anyone who wanted to see the newest little member of our family. Those Fall months of 2006 seemed like forever because we just wanted her home, but they are filled with lots of happy memories and dreams that went along with these pictures. And going back to remember those times, and especially going back to looking through these pictures of my Sarah Lu is so. much. fun. :)

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