Friday, June 10, 2011

Tomorrow is a special day!

We will be celebrating the 7th birthday of Miss Sarah Lu! I cannot believe tomorrow she will be 7... where has time gone and where is my little 2 year old?  
Sary Lu, I'm so super excited to get to celebrate with you tomorrow! Tonight I'll say goodnight to a 6 year old one more time, and when you wake up tomorrow it'll be your 7th birthday! I know how excited you are (just like how you went to brush your teeth yourself without anyone telling you it was time because you said "you just couldn't wait to get to sleep {which is very unlike you!} because you can't wait to wake up tomorrow").. I can't wait to see your happy face in the morning and tell you "Happy Birthday" on the actual day! I love you, bear!!

 First birthday at home..Happy birthday to the 3 year old!!

 A fancy princess dream day.. turning 4 years old!

 Sarah's gotcha day was exactly the day she turned 2 1/2... Her 5th birthday marked the anniversary of her being home for exactly 2 1/2 years too-- same as the time before she came home!

 Last year we had a very happy and very excited 6 year old! 
Looking forward to tomorrow and a very happy 7th birthday celebration!

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  1. Thank you for all these new blog posts! Happy Birthday today Sarah LuLu!!!! I love you like crazy! Wish I could be there! We will have another birthday celebration soon for you and Chayah at my house!! ;) LOVE YOU!!!!!!! XOXOXOXOX