Sunday, May 29, 2011

The American Ideal

 My most beautiful little sisters starred in their school's spring program and did an absolutely fabulous job with their songs (as did all of the kids!). Before going in to meet up with the class and get ready for the program, I was able to catch a few sweet sister shots outside!

 Miss Chayah

 And Miss Sarah Lulu

 Chayah, sitting with her class, waiting for their class' turn in the program! We were able to get some awesome seats, right behind our favorite people!

 Waving their American flags!

 Up front singing their first song.. The amazing Kindergarten and First Grade Classes

I took quite a few videos.. well, actually, videos of everything that they sang! Be sure to watch them because they are pretty extremely adorable!

After the program, they had a special reception for Sarah and Chayah's very awesome teacher from last year. The girls just adore her!

At the reception; Chayah and one of her best friends!

The program was beautifully done; everyone did such a great job, and it made for a very fun evening!

Sunday Snapshot

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