Chayah Elizabeth Enduo

Chayah's strength and bravery amazes me everyday. She is now nine years old, but didn't come home until she was six and a half years old. For many of those years, she walked on a broken leg and had surgery just a few months after coming home in 2009. Months of being in huge casts and I'm sure lots of pain later, she is running, jumping, and is as active as Sarah Lu and any other kid I've met! Not only is she brave, but Chayah is everyone's little helper! She loves to help in anyway possible and is constantly seeking ways to do so. She is sweet beyond belief and just like one of her friend's at school said, "what would we do without Chayah?"... Honestly, I don't know what we would do without Chayah.. She has made me more of who I am today and has formed our family  too. I adore that girl and I love having my little shadow with me all the time! Chayah, I am so proud to be your sister! We all love you, Chay Chay!!

Chayah's Story.. Her Adoption Movie of her journey home-- filled with miracles and stories of God's faithfulness..

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