Friday, June 24, 2011

Parade Fun!

 Parades are always lots of fun! This year at the Mem*orial Day Par*ade, it was very hot out but it was a fun morning! They girls, of course, loved catching and running after the candy. We met a friend of Sarah and Chayah's from school and the girls got to stay together and have a fun time together! At one point, they passed out American flags to the kids. Sarah and Chayah both were handed one, but the person handing them out didn't notice their friend. She started to cry because she didn't get one. Sarah noticed that she was sad and ran over to her to give her her own flag! And then immediately Chayah told Sarah, "we can share mine!"... I'm so proud of my girls!!!

*also- if you haven't noticed, I added new "pages" (under the header along the top of the blog).. I'm still working on a few of them, but I did finish Sarah and Chayah's pages which are complete with their adoption videos.. so be sure to swing by on their pages if you want to watch! 

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  1. Hi, I am Joy, it's nice to meet you. Your older post talks about friends from China finding each other. Our daughter, Lian, has asked us to adopted her tiny friend too. -Joy