Saturday, June 11, 2011

Sarah Turns 7!

 Today, Miss Sarah Evangeline turned SEVEN years old!! 
We had a fabulous day, despite the chilly weather we had (not a usual summer-y feeling day). It was packed full of lots to do, but so much fun! We went to the airport and both Sarah and Chayah got to go flying in a small plane for about fifteen minutes! They even flew the start of a local parade in the plane! Sarah sat up in front with the pilot, while Chayah and another friend from their school sat in the back seats. The pilot even let Sarah help run the throttle in the plane! After an exciting flight for the girls (and after I was able to calm down once they were back on the ground.. seriously, once I saw their plane take off, and we were all still on the ground, it was awful feeling like, "what have we just done and what are we thinking??").. the girls had such a fun time though, so that I am very happy for! :) After flying, it was back home and time for our "annual" birthday photo shoot :) Sarah tells me it is not a tradition, but I assure her otherwise.. birthday pictures are a tradition (or, at least I intend to make them a tradition for Sarah and Chayah) and therefore they had to be taken! So it was outside for a fun photo shoot and then Rachael and David arrived! We all hung out for a while and then it was off to dinner.. Sarah's choice, which was our favorite Chinese buffet! Sarah loves China buffet and today was no different-- she was so excited to get to go there and to get to choose where we were all going :)  After dinner, it was back home and then it was time for presents! That was very fun and very exciting! I love seeing her face light up :)  After presents, it was time for cake, which was vanilla with Littlest Pet shop, by Sarah's request. After she blew out her SEVEN candles, she went around the table and gave one to each of us! Since there were seven people (including herself) she decided to share with everyone and let everyone have one candle.. how sweet is that? I love her :) After cake, we played a bit and hung out some more before it was time for bed. We had a wonderful day, celebrating a very special 7th birthday with a very special birthday girl!  
Sarah Lu, I love you and I hope you had a great day my 7 year old!!  
And now, without further ado, enjoy the pictures (there are quite a few!)... first ones are of the birthday girl's birthday photo shoot, then moves through to celebrating the day with pictures of present opening and cake time. :) 

 Copying her 3 year old birthday picture.. this is how she always used to pose as a "princess"

 After having me tell her where to stand, etc for pictures, Sarah came up with her own pose!

Happy Happy Birthday, sweet girl!! 

 She opened this present sooo slowly! She said she really liked the wrapping paper so she didn't want to rip it! :)
Lip gloss set :)
Kelly doll :)

 Disney characters puzzle :) 

 Nihao kai-lan card :)

 Stopping for a quick picture with Wesley! 

 The Josefina Amer*ican Girl books

 Her very own mp3 player, loaded with her favorite songs from church and lots of Barbie princess songs :)

Getting ready to open the big present of the day!
 Josefina doll!  

Sarah loves her! She has loved Josefina since she first looked through the AG catalog. She's a very proud "mommy" to Josefina today!

 Yep, she's pretty thrilled! Happy Birthday Sarah!!

Sarah's 7th birthday cake!

 Waiting for the cake to come out..

 With her cake.. blowing out 7 candles!

Happy happy happy happy happy happy happy 7th birthday Sarah!!! We all love you very very much and we hope you had a very special day! Looking forward to this year with my 7 year old mei mei!


  1. Happy Birthday Sarah!!!! I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!! I'm so glad you had a fun day! Wish I could have been there! Miss you and CANT WAIT to see you soon!!!!

    Thank you so much for the pictures Staci! They are beautiful!! It really means alot to me you got them up so quickly! Thank you!!!!