Sunday, May 29, 2011

The American Ideal

 My most beautiful little sisters starred in their school's spring program and did an absolutely fabulous job with their songs (as did all of the kids!). Before going in to meet up with the class and get ready for the program, I was able to catch a few sweet sister shots outside!

 Miss Chayah

 And Miss Sarah Lulu

 Chayah, sitting with her class, waiting for their class' turn in the program! We were able to get some awesome seats, right behind our favorite people!

 Waving their American flags!

 Up front singing their first song.. The amazing Kindergarten and First Grade Classes

I took quite a few videos.. well, actually, videos of everything that they sang! Be sure to watch them because they are pretty extremely adorable!

After the program, they had a special reception for Sarah and Chayah's very awesome teacher from last year. The girls just adore her!

At the reception; Chayah and one of her best friends!

The program was beautifully done; everyone did such a great job, and it made for a very fun evening!

Sunday Snapshot

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Easter Pictures

 Ok so I am terribly late with these pictures, but better late than never right? Sarah and Chayah picked out their own Easter dresses this year! Mommy took them shopping and they each tried on a bunch of dresses a piece. In the end though, it came down to these two beautiful dresses that they picked themselves. I think it's funny and adorable that they picked pretty much matching dresses! They looked gorgeous and after church I forced asked them to go outside and take some pictures in their dresses.. (big sister Rachael and brother-in-law David were visiting for the day so their adorable puppy, Elliot, of course had to be in the pictures too :) 

 Beautiful Sarah Evangeline

 Beautiful Chayah Elizabeth

And because these pictures (though also very very late) are so adorable, they needed to be posted as well :)
 Getting ready to color our Easter eggs!

 Easter baskets (and some of the finished eggs)

Easter morning before church.. with their Easter baskets!

 In their new Easter pajamas that were in their baskets :)

Saturday, May 21, 2011

A Day at the Zoo

 The zoo is always a fun and exciting place to go! On this exciting day last week, it was an extra-special trip to the zoo because it was the destination of a first grade field trip! I was so excited to get to go along and spend the day at the zoo with my favorite little sisters in the whole world :)

 Chayah and her friend looking at some of the animals

 Chayah and the buffalo :)

Then, Chayah and I went on an adventure to find the real buffalo. We could see him very well from this overlook and we loved seeing how absolutely huge he was (and pretty funny looking too)

We found the prairie dogs too, and they were so cute!

Then it was off to see the bears!

 As a part of their field trip, each of the kids kept a list and recorded all of the animals that are endangered.

 The first grade girls looking for the otters..

 Sarah stopped for a quick smile with Mommy!

 Inside the "rainforest" bird house we saw some very cool birds.. Sarah and Chayah liked it, but it smelled kinda funny in there so we didn't stick around too long

 Look at how long the girls' arms are! Together, the three of them are the same as this bird!

 I love this shot! How cute with the zookeeper, little monkey, and little lion peeking through? :)

 We saw the tiger.. can you spot him in the background?


 Chayah and the Giraffe!

After seeing the giraffe, we realized it was already time to meet up with the boys for lunch! But before the boys got there, the girls stopped for a quick picture :)

Our picnic lunch at the zoo.. on the most beautiful, warm, and sunny day!

After lunch and before heading back in to see more animals, the kids had some fun all together just running around and being crazy :)

Chayah stopping for a quick rest after all that running and playing :) 

 Back in the zoo after lunch.. The flamingos were a big hit and resulted in three little girls trying to stand on one leg each while pretending to sleep, just like the flamingos! Silly girls!

 It's a little hard to see, but look next to the mommy lion and you can see the cub! He's getting bigger, but he is oh so adorable and we were so excited to get a glimpse of him!

 I got my Chayah to stop for a picture with me! Jie Jie and one mei mei :)

 After seeing some more animals, where do you think these three little girls wanted to head off to? The jungle gym play land and special zoo carousel, of course! :)

 How absolutely adorable are the three of them waiting in line together like such big girls? Can't you see the excitement in their faces for their upcoming ride?

Sarah, eagerly showing where she wants to go.. if only the gate could open faster! 
 I love Sarah's face in this one.. so excited!!

 The three very happy girls on the carousel together! They had to go around a few times to find the perfect animals, all next to each other, so that they could all sit together :) 

 They had so much fun on the first ride, that Daddy let them go on a second time!

New set of animals, equally fun ride :)

 Right as it was time to go and we were all heading back to the cars, we saw another set of animals that may not really be at the zoo, but they sure were fun to see! The baby geese were adorable :)

And that's it for the 2011 First Grade Trip to the zoo!
 We had a super fun day and loved getting to see all the animals.. Before leaving, we had to get one more picture of the sweet girls.. so adorable!!

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