Sarah Evangeline LuHua

Sarah is now seven years old! She came home in December 2006, when she was just two and a half years old. She is an amazing girl.. fiesty, strong-willed, and witty, Sarah knows how to make anyone laugh! And although she can come across as super tough sometimes, she's really just a cuddle bug and an absolute sweetheart. Sarah is determined and dedicated... something she showed us not long after coming home at just two years old! Almost immediately after getting home, she began telling us (did I mention that this girl picked up English in record time? amazing!) that her friends in China (three specific little ones) needed mommy's and daddy's too. She would tell us, "_____ is crying for you!" and "_____ needs a Mommy and a Daddy and Jie Jie's (older sisters) and Gou Gou's (dogs)". She didn't give up. She kept telling us about her three friends. Now, here we are four years later, and all of Sarah's three friends are HOME and have been adopted!! One of which is even our own dear Chayah! Sarah, you blow me away with how you advocated for orphans at just two years old... when I grow up, I want to be just like you, buddy! :)  We love you, Sarah Lu Lu!!

Sarah's Story.. Her adoption movie of her journey home! A truly amazing story of how God works!

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