About Me

My name is Staci, I'm 20, and a senior in college working towards my degree in Human Services. I have the best family a girl could ask for... I grew up as the youngest daughter in a family of five with two older sisters. For as long as I can remember, my sisters and I wanted our parents to adopt a baby girl from China. Finally, when I was 14, that dream became a reality when Sarah came home. Sarah is a spunky, lively, spirited 7 year old now. She came home when she was 2 1/2 years old in December 2006 from Langfang, Hebei, China. From the time she came home, she has been passionate about orphan care, especially for the care and adoption of her friends still in China. She began, at two years old, to advocate for her friends in China and to try to find them homes. Through a series of miracles that only could have been put together by God, in January 2009, we welcomed home our Chayah...one of the very friends that Sarah had always told us about! Chayah was 6 1/2 when she came home, also from Langfang, Hebei, China. The miracle of their adoptions never cease to amaze me and are greatly the reason behind my passion for adoption and orphan care today. Chayah is now 9 years old and both girls are growing up way too fast for this big sister's satisfaction. Both of my older sisters are married and our family recently welcomed a new little girl to the mix, baby Charlotte, and I am now a very proud auntie as well! Meeting this new little person and just to watch her grow and change and be her own little person at only 6 lbs is nothing short of amazing! Writing anything about myself would not be complete without mentioning the reason I live and breathe each day and that is my Savior, Jesus Christ. Growing in my relationship with Him is an adventure that I want to strive further in each and every day. The blog title "Radical Abandon" is derived from my life goal... to live completely and radically abandoned to whatever God would have me do with this life that I have been given. So for now, I'm learning to strive each day to know Him more, to savor the little moments in life {especially with the three little princesses my life has been blessed with}, and to listen for His voice and follow to wherever and whatever He is calling me to.