Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Easter Pictures

 Ok so I am terribly late with these pictures, but better late than never right? Sarah and Chayah picked out their own Easter dresses this year! Mommy took them shopping and they each tried on a bunch of dresses a piece. In the end though, it came down to these two beautiful dresses that they picked themselves. I think it's funny and adorable that they picked pretty much matching dresses! They looked gorgeous and after church I forced asked them to go outside and take some pictures in their dresses.. (big sister Rachael and brother-in-law David were visiting for the day so their adorable puppy, Elliot, of course had to be in the pictures too :) 

 Beautiful Sarah Evangeline

 Beautiful Chayah Elizabeth

And because these pictures (though also very very late) are so adorable, they needed to be posted as well :)
 Getting ready to color our Easter eggs!

 Easter baskets (and some of the finished eggs)

Easter morning before church.. with their Easter baskets!

 In their new Easter pajamas that were in their baskets :)

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  1. They of course look as beautiful as ever. Love how Elliot is in the pictures with them! And the new pajamas are adorable!